* New study says that there are a lot of probabilities about Holy Grial being in León. At San Isidoro's Museum. Click here for more info.

* Leon is granted by UNESCO as Cradle of Parliamentarism. Click here for more info.


Located in Leon’s historical centre, in the heart of one of the most outstanding Romanic complexes in the Peninsula, the Royal Collegiate Church of Saint Isidoro Hotel is a restful sojourn in the Saint Jacob’s pilgrimage route, offering clients an experience they won’t easily forget.

Open in 2005 to the public, it combines original architectural elements with modern materials andforms, thus creating a unique hotel in the citythat merges functionality and history.

Nestled in the Kingdom of Leon, in Spain, the visitor will discover a singular architectural complex that is all at once temple, royal pantheon, convent, palace, library and museum.

We invite you to time travel, enjoying a tourthrough Leon’s history: its Romanic origins represented in the Legio VII fortress walls; gaze attheRoyal Pantheon paintings (the Sistine Chapel of the Romanic era); admire the noble Romanic architectural simplicity from the basilica’s choir; stroll through quiet and awe-inspiring cloistersthat offer an open invitation to gather one’s thoughts: from this abridgment of art and spirituality the Royal Collegiate of Saint Isidoro Hotelprovides its guests and visitors an exceptional stay.